Hollow nest / 2020

            Presented at the ExpoAction Infinite Creativity for a Finite World exhibition at La Villette, Paris.
As a result of the removal of old trees in both urban and rural environments, some of the cavity-nesting birds that depend on naturally-existing cavities, are drastically declining in numbers. Nest-site availability is limiting the population growth of many bird species and we are witnessing worrying declines in their numbers, which might eventually lead to their extinction.

As a designer I feel deeply responsible to not only create designs that do not harm our ecosystems but that might actually help to repair the damages we've already caused. My idea was to create cavities in natural nest sites or supplementing them with artificial nest-boxes, in order to re-encourage the increase in cavity-nesting birds.

A simple gesture that can have a great impact on the future of these birds, and on our own’s. This design wishes to imagine a world where we make place for other species, a world where we become a part of nature once again.