Treehab / 2021

            A 2030 prospective project, imagining life after a shift from carnivorism to veganism, as a response to the environmental crisis and the central role the meat industry plays in this crisis. In this imagined future-world, the dependance of humans on meat is declared as an addiction that must be treated in order to quit old and harmful habits. TreeHab is a rehabilitation center that proposes an innovative treatment to addictions in a safe and pastoral environment. These centers, located in isolated locations and surrounded by wild nature, propose treatments using Psilocybin - the psychoactive component found in magic mushrooms - in order to combat modern addictions. The architecture of these centers, inspired by mushrooms is meant to create a calm and reassuring space for the patients. These retreats are not only meant to treat addictions, but also to reconnect patients with themselves and with the nature around them, as part of a larger vision that asks to reestablish the lost link between humans and nature.