Luffa Project / 2022

            The Luffa project centers around the Luffa plant - a plant that is in use in Arab cultures since centuries as a bathing sponge.
In search of valorizing Luffa as a material, I am interested in reintroducing nature into the domestic environment and questioning our historic detachment from nature. While synthesizing in these objects, two fundamentally different materials – Luffa and steel – I wish to linger on the tension between the controlled and geometric presence of man-manufactured-materials and the unpredictable and wild qualities of the organic material. Guided by a principle of sustainability, I used traditional natural coloring and embraced its unexpected characteristics, that produces unique and singular objects.

Saffeer / Luffa project

            Saffeer is a pendant light, diagonally suspended. It is made out of dyed Luffa fibers, that are carefully treated, flattened and sewn into a trapezoid shape. By combining two colors in one object, along with two different textures, Saffeer adds a mystical presence to any space.
Structured with an inner steel body, this pendant light is designed with durability and sustainability in mind.

Reef / Luffa project

            Reef is a space divider that acts both as a functional object as well as a sculptural piece.
It is made out of dyed Luffa fibers, that are carefully treated and sewn into a trapezoid shape, in order to create a pattern when assembled together. The plant fibers are durable and biodegradable, allowing both air and light to pass through, while still functioning as a divider. The structure is held by two steel bars.